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COMMIT on a level where there’s no turning back, EMBRACE RISK like it’s your best friend, MAKE IT A HABIT so that it becomes automatic, and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF as if your life depends on it…because it DOES! Jump NOW!


How To Create The Life You Really Want – Brent Smith

I you’d like to live a better life than you’re living right now you’re going to want to examine your current belief system, because it’s your belief system (limiting beliefs) that are running the show.  You will go around gathering evidence to support whatever your current beliefs are so be aware of what they are and be aware that you can change them.  Watch this video to see what I mean.



Are You Playing Too Small?

If you’re playing too small the universe will often shut down what you’re working on abruptly, giving you the opportunity to either realize it and move to the next level or retreat, accept defeat and follow the spiral downward into depression and self-loathing.

If you decide to move forward (which I suggest) take a deep breath, be grateful for the wake-up call, dig deep, stretch your thinking, be willing to take some risks and start playing TOO BIG instead.

In the future, a great way to avoid this abrupt shut-down is to frequently evaluate where you’re at, figure out what the next level would be (even if you think you’re already at the highest level) and constantly be thinking about how to re-invent yourself…and then go there and DO IT!

How To Compete & Win Every Time – Brent Smith

Competition can be a great way to move forward but there’s something else that can be much more powerful in certain circumstances and in this video I reveal what that is.


How To Feel Validated All The Time – Brent Smith

You probably want to feel validated all the time.  Everyone does.  The problem (or opportunity) is that you usually seek things outside of you as your source of validation.  And then, to deal with your lack of it you self-medicate…sometimes to the extreme.  There’s a better way to feel validated all the time and in this video I tell you what that is.

Why Showing Is More Powerful Than Telling – Brent Smith

If you have a great idea that you want to present to people you probably spend a lot of time talking about it and telling them how great it is and go on to describe why it will be the best thing they’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, everyone else does this too and it’s really not that effective in conveying the true essence of your great innovation.  But, there’s another way that you can get your idea across that’s way more effective and that’s by showing them what you mean and in this video I show you what I mean.

How To Get What You Want NOW! – Brent Smith

Wanting things to be better and wishing you had more in your life won’t do any good because wanting and wishing are sedentary concepts.  But, there’s one concept and action that you can take that will bring you everything you want much faster and in this video I tell you what that is.

The Only Thing You NEED To Know To Be Successful – Brent Smith

When it comes to being successful at anything it can be easy to think that you don’t know enough yet or that you need to know one more thing in order to move forward.  That limiting belief will always keep you from having what you really want.  The truth is that you already know enough to be successful but you’re not doing the one thing that could almost guarantee it and in this video I tell you what that one thing is.

How To Live A Limitless Life – Brent Smith

If you want to experience MASSIVE growth in your life every day and really live a limitless life then there’s something you’ll have to do and it might be uncomfortable.  As uncomfortable as it might be it’s absolutely necessary if you want to continually take your life to the next level and in this video I explain what you have to do in order to experience it.