Positively Rewire Your Brain to Remove Anxiety & Stress – Dr. Kristin Neff, Associate Professor at University of Texas at Austin

dr kristin neff, speaks on happiness, compassion, self-love to eliminate anxiety, stress, social anxiety, depressionBSL Insider Exclusive: Kristin Neff joins Brent Smith on the show today to show you how to positively rewire your brain to remove anxiety and stress. Sometimes it can be very difficult to go through our entire day being happy. Many times throughout our lives we feel a sense of doubt and frustration in our everyday lives (which also includes, stress, anxiety, self-criticism and more). We feel like we fail at what we do, and even feel a lack of direction in life. It’s as though we’re running on a hamster wheel – always moving but never in a forward direction. We sometimes look at other people and notice great things going on in their lives and wonder why we can’t have that same success and happiness in ours.

Often when we suffer in our lives, we feel as if we’re alone. We bottle up our feelings and issues from others and let them dwell within us. We put our pain in the corner – away from everything and everyone – as a means to keep it out of our lives. Through our efforts of doing this, the pain always seems to seep back through, and a lot of times, more and more of it piles on. We soon find ourselves trapped with nowhere to go.

Today at BSL, we introduce an amazing woman who has spent many years discovering the truth behind self-compassion as well as how to better ones self-esteem. As Associate Professor of Human Development & Culture in the Educational Psychology Department at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, Kristin Neff has dedicated much of her life to helping others who reach a point in their lives and become stuck in fear, depression, anxiety, pain, and suffering. Hit the play button below if you wish to hear about Kristin’s incredible journey down this path to help better everyone she comes in contact with.


After studying communications as an undergraduate at the University of California in Los Angeles, Kristin Neff continued her graduate work by studying moral development with Dr. Elliot Turiel at the University of California at Berkely, receiving her Ph.D. in 1997. Her dissertation research was conducted in Mysore, India, where children’s moral reasoning was examined. During her last year of graduate school, Kristin became interested in Buddhism, and still practices meditation in the Insight Meditation tradition to this day. Kristin was hired at the University of Texas in 1999, and was later promoted to Associate Professor in 2006.


• The truth behind self-compassion

• How to be loved by friends, family, and even strangers

• How to deal with suffering

• How to start living more positively each and every day

• How to positively rewire your brain to remove anxiety and stress

• The truth behind self-criticism and how to use it constructively

• How to stop having people judge you

• How to be more grateful for the things you have in life

• The truth behind narcissism

• The benefits of self-love and how you can use it positively

• And so much more…

Kristin Neff has a website dedicated to helping others rewire their brain to best suit them for living a more positive lifestyle. Kristin has even developed an eight week program designed to help people learn about self-compassion so they can start living happier lives, and even reach out to help people they interact with do the same.


Kristin Neff can be found over at self-compassion.org, which is one of the best websites in the world on the topic of self-compassion, and offers tons of free content including videos, exercises, written guides, and more.


What things have you been struggling with in your life? When you feel as though you are suffering or dealing with stressful situations, do you feel alone? Understand that you are not alone. Reach out and place a comment below about how you can be more self-compassion to yourself and others. You never know, you just might turn your life around by realizing your problem alone, and you could help turn someone else’s life around as well for the better. Listen to positively rewire your brain to remove anxiety and stress.

Dr. Neff at TedX:

How Your Obsession With The Opposite Sex Could Be Holding You Back – BSL Insider Podcast

obsession 2
Are you obsessed with the opposite sex? Is every decision you make for everything you do and everywhere you go made with achieving your goal in mind? If your answer is yes then your obsession may be the #1 reason that you’re not ending up with what you want. Seriously! Why? Listen to this podcast for the answers…

Click the play button:

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“Focusing all your energy on this one area of your life to the detriment of EVERYTHING else, in fact, its to the point where I think everyone is going through the motions in every other area of their life and just to get to that point [having the one].”

“There are ways to create anything you want with the opposite sex as a byproduct and then you can have extraordinary things in ALL areas of your life.”

“Building an extraordinary life is like you being the hub and every other thing coming out of that are spokes… well a wheel doesn’t work if it just has one spoke…it collapses completely.”

“People are running around with one spoke connected to a hub, no wonder why everything is going off track and all these problems are created around that.”

“You’re being setup to be depressed…setup to be powerless and not in control of your life [by obsessing over the opposite sex which is just one area of your life] and thats holding you back.”

“Its about everything else too and there’s a carryover effect into every area of your life… its all connected.”

“You’re treating the byproduct like the main thing, what you’ve been told is the hub is not the hub.”

“Trying to get or trying to be something you’re not is EXHAUSTING.”


Change the reason why you go out to be about more than “looking for the one”
That point may never come
Create a lifestyle, an extraordinary life
Great life sets up the space to have a great relationship and attract a great person to begin with
Live a complete life
Put a 100% into building an extraordinary life rather than putting a 100% into 1 person and the success of your life will be 1000%, with EVERYTHING, not just maybe with dating and relationships
Focusing on building a great lifestyle attracts better people to you, eliminates drama
This is the easiest & fastest path to have success with the opposite sex
Other spokes: relationships with your family, career, starting a new business, keeping healthy, spirituality, traveling, exploring the world, creating wealth, philanthropy, sharing, giving
Be in the habit of being inspiring, that’s effortless
A great lifestyle creates all the byproducts you want effortlessly
Play big by being the hub and putting 100% into many spokes
Try on this new way as an experiment for 21 days, you will see the evidence

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How has obsessing over the opposite sex held you back? How small has life been by focusing on only one spoke? Tell us in leaving a comment below.

The Attachment Trap: How To Escape Your Suffering – BSL Insider Podcast

attachment 3

Being attached to a thing, idea or person leads to suffering. It’s a fact. Ok, so you probably understand that on some level but have no idea what that means in your practical life. Even if the idea of attachment leading to misery does make sense, you might be cautious about considering being unattached because of all the social programming you’ve received telling you that it’s ok to be attached and powerless in your life. That’s what consumerism is all about. How to make you feel powerful and in control of your life. But it’s only a band-aid that covers the core problem. At the end of the day you might be attached to being attached.

In their book “It’s All In Your Head: Thinking Your Way To Happiness”, Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine explain how in some Asian countries there is a very effective trap for catching monkeys. A slot is made in the bottom of a coconut, just big enough for the monkey to slide its hand in, but not big enough for the hand to be withdrawn when it’s clenched. Then they put something sweet in the coconut, attach it to a tree, and wait for the monkey to come along. When the monkey slides its hand in and grabs the food, it gets caught. What keeps the monkey trapped? It is only the force of desire and attachment. All the monkey has to do is let go of the sweet, open its hand, slip out, and go free-but only a rare monkey will do that.

If the story above sounds familiar then you’re trapped by your attachment. The good news is that there’s an affective way to escape from the trap and we talk about it in the following podcast. Give it a listen NOW!

Click the play button:

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“Society’s whole goal is to keep you attached and powerless.”

“Being carefree and living this life is about outcomes… really, you gotta think about the outcome that is going on… the reason you’re so attached is that everything that you do is give to get, thats all people do… theres an action and a needing to get, you want to get more than you give back… the problem is… that the world doesn’t work like that… you’re never satisfied and the cycle continues and thats what you spend your whole life’s energy on.”

“Getting gets you miserable and keeps you miserable. Stop trying to get, get, get.”

“There’s nothing you’re going to get that you’re actually gonna want after you get it.”

“You cannot find YOUR happiness inside of SOMEONE ELSE.”

“All those answers and solutions that you are searching for will reveal themselves in the process of giving, helping and inspiring.”


Quickest way to be unattached is by being it and inspiring others and showing them what’s possible
Letting go of “having steps” to move forward
Rather than choosing to be carefree right this moment
Letting go immediately
Embracing possibility
Be aware and accept what is then accept responsibility for full total control of your innate powers
Truth is life is simple
Stop trying TO GET carefree and unattached even, just give..be carefree
Being someone who’s giving is where it’s at
There is no endpoint in wanting to get
Create the habit of giving to give and you’ll give up attachment automatically
Outcomes, taking, getting, transactions = pain, suffering, depression, anxiety
Your happiness is and only within you
Be happy with yourself and you’ll become a master giver
Attracting things into your life based on scarcity and attachment will ALWAYS bring the wrong things into your life (never more true than in your dating life)
Release from your ideals
Push through by consciously choosing better
People are looking for people like you
Create and clear out space for people and those like you and on the same page
Like-minded people will find you if you allow them to
Create a new purpose like giving and your issues will take care of themselves
Changing why you do everything ensures that you won’t spend time creating another problem to replace the problem you just solved
Make GIVING why you do anything
Being the example for what’s possible changes the game for others and in turn, you
Step up, take the lead and you’ll be the Inspirator

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What did you get out of this special post? Leave your comments below. I will personally respond back here. You may have some questions or clarifications on this one, I know it was a big one.

How To Have A Matrix-Free Relationship – BSL Insider Podcast

relationships 2

Relationships. Marriage. Are they even possible if you follow what I teach? If they are then how would they work? Alright guys, there’s been a big mystery on our take about these topics. You’ve been waiting for an answer, you got it.

That’s what I talk about in this Podcast I just recorded so check it out…

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“We’re screwing with people’s lives…people who are getting together with the wrong people for the wrong reasons who aren’t self-developed and having kids…thats serious business, serious stuff…we’re doing a disservice to humanity and its one of the biggest issues we have.”

“Giving to give other people and not wanting things in return…really understanding that and incorporating that into your life at everything you do…that will teach you to not find things external to yourself, to not get attached.”


We have a social responsibility to care of our own issues first
Be happy within yourself first
Own that you are already complete and enough
Will this relationship serve and enhance my freedom?
Fear and attachment is suffering, its a human invention
Are you able to give freely without wanting anything in return?
Spend time being it rather than trying to get and change someone else
Be what is missing in your life, be what you seek
Inspire people to get to the next level
Give people space to be who they are

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What do you think? How do you feel about relationships and what it takes to have a relationship that works. Go to our Facebook page and tell us your comments on our wall.

How To Create An Extraordinary Valentine’s Day – BSL Insider Podcast

valentine's day 2

Valentine’s day can be a very uncomfortable day or it can be the greatest opportunity to take your life to the next level…EVER!

But, there are some things you’ll need to do before that can happen…

Click play to listen now:

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“Today is yet another opportunity to live an extraordinary life and meet new people.”

“The opportunities are what you think, believe they are.”


Do something to create a great day for other people
Excite people about their lives
Send out an inspiring text to people about themselves
Stay positive and reframe everything as an opportunity
How can you introduce people to each other and connect them?
Be the host and take the pressure off for others
Organize get togethers for singles and couples, bring everyone together
Celebrate life and use Valentines or anything else as an excuse too
Its about getting people together, helping each other, including and connecting people

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What do you think? How do you feel about Valentine’s and have you ever considered approaching it like this? Go to our Facebook page and tell us your comments (and send some positive messages to friends while you’re on there).

How To Be Motivated – BSL Insider Podcast

You can have access to all of the
greatest information in the world
on how to accomplish something
but if you don’t take action you’ll
never do anything…

The challenge/opportunity for you
is being motivated to get off your
couch and actually go out into the
world and interact with people…

Check out this Podcast I just recorded on breaking through and taking action! Listen and make it happen! Motivate yourself. Get it done. We did this to help and inspire you to take action today in every area of your life. GOOOOOOOOOO!!! We cover resistance, attachments, ideas what to do, how to get over hurdles, etc.

Click play to listen now:

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