Fashion Tips for Men for Winter 2013 (Guest Post Nicolas from Kinowear)


Going about wearing the right clothes in the right way can feel like a bit of a minefield, and mark my words, it’s easy to make mistakes if you don’t know what you’re doing. But don’t worry, it all boils down to one formula: choosing your clothes well + putting them together properly. The Kinowear Crash Course was developed to help guys like you with free, short snippets of advice about how to dress well without breaking the bank or spending hours in front of the mirror every day.

Change Your Life: Take Action NOW

Change your life and take action now! Just a little reminder on how important  taking action is, in your daily life.  When you hold back, delay, put off, procrastinate  for whatever reason (excuse) you’re keeping yourself where you are.  I know that a lot of times it’s because you have fear about whatever it is that you’re putting off, but I guarantee that the result of pushing through that fear pales in comparison to living what you think is a “safe” life inside your comfort zone and then finally regretting that you never stepped up to the plate and lived what’s possible for you…and usually that regret gets stronger and stronger as you get older.  SO, make the choice to change your life and TAKE ACTION right now and you’ll have no regrets.

How to Find the Career of Your Dreams with Anna Runyan, – BSL Insider Radio

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BSL Insider Exclusive: Anna Runyan from joins us on the show today to talk about career advice on how to create your dream job (whether working for a company or starting your own business).

We spend a lot of our time at a job we don’t like. We feel stuck with nowhere to go. A lot of times we feel like we are merely wasting away because we spend so much of our time doing something we hate. After spending years at a job we hate, we change and revise our résumé constantly to submit it online with little to no luck – usually settling for something just to get us out of our current situation but creating a whole new set of problems and issues we never expected to experience – and even worse, if we did expect them.

We start to feel depressed because we no longer believe we are able to find a job, especially in this economy. We feel as though we will be stuck in this endless cycle of unhappy career searches and changes for the rest of our lives – and then that creates even more depression. We wait and wither away as we merely survive as oppose to thrive. Your career, however, does not have to be like this, nor do you need to suffer any longer.

Today’s show introduces you to a career coach – someone who has been stuck before and overcame her challenges to help thousands of people from all over the world to start thriving in their lives and their careers. Originally starting out as a blogger, Anna Runyan figured out how to become unstuck in her career challenges, and pursued her goals and mission to becoming a career coach. As a consultant at a leading strategy and technology consulting firm in San Diego, California, Anna knows exactly what it takes to acquire the career you’ve always wanted, and how you too can follow her tips to start the career of your dreams. Feel free to hit the play button below to hear about Anna’s journey and how you too can apply her tips and techniques to start thriving in your career.


Anna Runyan used to hate her job. Upon getting unstuck from her own career five years ago, she has dedicated her life’s work to helping tons of professional women to finding a meaningful and purposeful career. After graduating with her MBA, Anna began working as an Adjunct Professor at her company, Booz Allen Hamilton, where she taught and coached employees on how to find career success by identifying their interests, motivation, and skills. From here, Anna realized that her own passion and interests revolved around helping people by helping them find the career that will make them happy. Anna now helps women transition into careers they love in only a few months, and uses her seven years of experience to continue to help others each and every day of her life.


• How to discover your goals and mission

• The best way to find a new job that has an 80% higher success rate than what most people are doing – singling you out from the crowd

• Tips on what to do before applying to a new job to increase your chances of finding a career you love

• How to network successfully

• How to contact someone on your career path at the top of their game so they can help you

• How to start a business from scratch

• The biggest mistakes people make today with their careers and how you can avoid them

• How to overcome obstacles and hurtles in your career

• How to discover your entire career path

• How, if you’re an introvert, you can have great success in searching for a career

• And so much more…

Anna Runyan has been there. She knows what it feels like to be stuck in a career that you hate, and even being in over $80,000 worth of debt. She overcame all of her obstacles, found a career she loved, and now she has dedicated her life to helping others do the same.


You can find Anna on Twitter, as well as Facebook. You can also find out more about her at, and she has a bunch of free job search resources at If you would like to know about how to receive career coaching from Anna, you can find out more information over at


So many people struggle in their careers. They’re stuck without direction on what to do with it and where to go next. Leave a comment below about your obstacles and hurtles in your career, and what steps you can take next to help overcome these problems. Your input could start a chain reaction to helping tons of other people in need.

PS: Learn how to attract money in your life by creating new career opportunities, starting your own business, taking your business to the next level or ways to ask your current boss for more money today! We show you innovative and breakthrough ways to be a leader and advance your business and career. 


Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor for NBC Today, Shares Money & Career Guidance – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor for NBC Today & bestselling financial author of “Money Rules” joins us on the show today.

Jean Chatzky Making Money Make Sense

Information is plentiful. Wisdom is rare.

The opportunity for us is to shed light only on the things that make the most sense. Sense being what actually works. As far as life is concerned, what’s natural is what works. It’s how you know when something is real, genuine wisdom as opposed to fluffy, filler type of information.

Questions play a big role in our lives via language, communication, sales, business, relationships, and everywhere. The process of questioning offers perspective and awareness otherwise not explored. Questions will make separating yourself from the things that don’t serve you much easier. Here are some questions to consider before even deciding to take in the advice anyone has to share:

– Does this person walk their talk? How are their feet moving?
– What are their values? Are they congruent with their actions?
– How do I feel about this person? Do they resonate with me?

You always want to pay attention to what a person’s actions are communicating rather than their words. A person will always tell you their core values in more ways than one, and if they are being congruent, their actions will reflect those values. The most important point after understanding these two things is whether someone is in line with you and the direction you’re going in. These 3 questions will set up conditions for you to receive only the wisdom that will serve your highest growth. Today’s show brings to you someone who meets all of the above conditions for BSL with flying colors. Enter Jean Chatzky.

Our BSL Insider:

Living With Art and How Anyone Can Love Art – Maria Brito

BSL Insider Exclusive: Maria Brito of “Lifestyling By Maria Gabriela Brito” and author of “Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping”  joins us on the show today. Living with art and how anyone can love art is the topic of the day.

Maria Brito Press

Maria Brito’s eye for contemporary art has beckoned the calls from the likes of celebrity clients such as Sean “Puffy” Combs to Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s something amazing to be done when you have her working with your interior to craft a space that will make you feel like you’re living with art.

She’s began her thriving business from rather humble beginnings and a whole lot of hustle. At this point, her creative genius just oozes out of her with anything she does. Today’s discussion shares the story of her inspiring journey to become a fully self-expressed person. It’s what she owes her everything to. When asked on the show, “Is it possible to be creative without self-expression?” She startles you with a rather abrupt but thoughtful answer.

Be prepared to amplify your creative powers and live more inspired by the end of this show. Maria holds nothing back from transformation to “living art” and how anyone can love art. The play button is below!

Our BSL Insider:

Maria Gabriela Brito is an interior designer, author, curator, tastemaker, and authority on why, where, when and how to display and mix contemporary art and interior design in any environment. She is the CEO and creative force behind of Lifestyling® By

How To Create Anything – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Sarah Cronk from “The Sparkle Effect” joins us on the show today.

are you in

“How” is a killer.

It’s a killer of dreams, goals, hope, abilities, talents, movements, causes, ambitions, etc.

It zaps you of your unlimited ability to make ANYTHING you want to make happen. It’s called creativity.

Creativity shows up in many forms and has a number of names. The point always being to simply do whatever it is you feel moved to do. Asking not “how?” but “what next?” rather.

Stop asking ‘how’ because it never serves you, it only delays you. So without further ado, please welcome the living embodiment of The Sparkle Effect herself, Sarah Cronk. Her energy is infectious and purely inspiring. Listen and feel the need to create. It’s the best. It’s Highest First.

“Wisdom is not knowing so much what to do and the ultimate is knowing what to do next.” –Herbert Hoover

Our BSL Insider:

Sarah Cronk, the founder of The Sparkle Effect, also serves as its President and Creative Director. Sarah, currently a student at Whitman College, helped to create and coach the nation’s first high-school based inclusive cheerleading squad at Pleasant Valley High School in Bettendorf, Iowa, when she was just 15 years old. While at Pleasant Valley, Sarah served as the captain of the squad that, under her stewardship, completed its 6th season and grew to include 21 students!

The Purpose of Leadership – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Henna Inam from “Transformational Leadership Inc.” joins us on the show today.

Transformational Leadership

Leadership is a beautiful thing. It allows for so much fulfillment of the unlimited possibilities we all have as individuals. Following this path ensures many things we all seek to achieve in a myriad of, often unhealthy, ways such as playing to our full potential, creating wealth, making personal growth, being connected and involved in something greater.

We all love power, yet we are often terrified of just how capable we really are.

We all can develop ourselves into the most amazing person that we can be, yet we focus on consuming as much television as we can to really ingrain in us just how unfulfilling our lives really are not.

We all have had fun and exciting relationships with the opposite sex, yet we get attached to someone who may not serve our highest purpose nor most authentic self anymore, as if we couldn’t attract or create a better experience with someone else just like we had already done the first time.

Ultimately, it boils down to taking control of your life through your ability to lead it any which way you choose. It’s your choice and only yours. No one can tell you how to live it. Because that choice comes from inside of you. Today, Henna Inam comes on the show to tell you about the choice she made in taking control of her life through the purpose of her leadership.

Our BSL Insider:

Henna Inam is the CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc. a company focused on helping women achieve their potential to be transformational leaders, creating great innovation, engagement, and growth in their teams and organizations.

Revolutionary Giving: The Future Of Sustained Corporate Success – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Adam Grant from “Give And Take” and The Wharton School of Business, joins us on the show today.


We talk about giving a lot here at BSL. Most often in terms of personal transformation, but today’s show is going to reveal to you that it’s an important shift happening in the overall global consciousness. It’s happening live, right now, during this day and age. And it’s happening across all facets of life. The biggest arena that the shift is affecting is the corporate and business arena. There are massive challenges and consequences we must now deal with. Debt’s rising, currencies are inflating, and a host of other things are happening that have yet to reveal themselves.

So what does this really mean?

It means there are tremendous opportunities available to us, and brilliant solutions are being innovated by some of the brightest minds in the world. Regular, everyday people that you meet at the coffee-shop are taking responsibility and creating socially-conscious businesses from scratch that are in one way or another tackling these challenges head-on.

Our community has done something similar with the advancements we’ve made in developing transformative solutions. Giving To Giving is the way forward. If businesses want to thrive, they must embrace this program because everything else is breaking down. It’s the new model of humanity, and it works. Kicking this model forward with us is Dr. Adam Grant. He’s bringing the science to back up the evidence that we’re already getting with clients. Read on, Adam IS the genius of being giving.

Our BSL Insider:

Adam Grant is the youngest tenured professor at Wharton. He has been recognized as Wharton’s single-highest-rated teacher, one of BusinessWeek’s favorite professors, and one of the world’s 40 best business professors under 40. Previously, he was a record-setting advertising director at Let’s Go Publications, an All-American springboard diver, and a professional magician.

A Discussion On Never Losing Your Way In Life – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Srinivas Rao from “Blogcast FM” joins us on the show today.


Have you ever veered off track in your life? What was the cost of that? I bet it forced you to learn a few lessons along the way. It’s fascinating to learn about ourselves and how we work. Sometimes, the way is paved very clearly right in front of us, and all we have to do is allow ourselves to move along that path. What shows up is generally our ability to over-complicate things and create obstacles for ourselves in our lives. Rather, why not simply just see what makes you tick and dive head first in that direction? I mean, it can’t possibly be wrong, right?

Today’s show offers a very frank discussion on

How To Be A Super High Achiever – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Judd Weiss from “Hustle Bear – The Blog For High Achievers” joins us on the show today.


You know that feeling you get when someone finally says something worthwhile and honest for once, instead of the same contrived bullshit that you’ve probably already heard elsewhere? It’s refreshing, isn’t it? And just how sweet is it, when you know its coming from someone who has actually achieved the ambitious goals that they set out to accomplish? That’s someone I will listen to all day long. That’s someone who you know you can trust. That person right here, right now is Judd Weiss. And we’ve got you covered in this loaded discussion between Judd and Brent on what it takes to be a super high achiever. It’s the truth. Just scroll down and hit the play button already to listen to the word. Or download this podcast and load it up on your iPhone or other mp3 player immediately.

Our BSL Insider:

I’m 29. I’m a hustler. The last steady salary job I had was scooping ice cream at Coldstones at 17; since then I’ve been winging it and hustling, fortunate to learn how to thrive without a steady salary. I had 9 odd jobs when I started college (sold knives (cutco), sold phone service, computer consulting , math tutoring, sold Rolexes, etc.); became a millionaire by 24 at which point I bought a large modern house in Bel Air; got ranked among the top 10 Commercial Real Estate agents in California and the top 20 Commercial Real Estate agents in the World at Remax Commercial for 2005 and 2006; started my own Commercial Brokerage before witnessing the complete total death of Brokerage; prompting me to start new companies in fields I knew nothing about and had no network of contacts (like Parking) and rapidly bring these companies to success. Every business endeavor I’ve devoted myself to I’ve made a success. Mostly because I’m