What Are You Envious About?

Here is a recent blog post from Danielle LaPorte on being envious and judgement. Worth a read.

Examine your envy

“Soulful” goals aren’t necessarily about austerity or wanting less (but hey, sometimes less furniture = more inner peace.) You don’t need to aim to save the planet or sell your worldly possessions to be in your Soul zone.

And wanting mogul-size bucks or notoriety might not be any less Soulful than wanting to rescue people or start a charity.

Here’s what I figure: You just never can know the machinations of someones else’s Soul — their karma, their dharma, their story. Maybe they’re learning precisely what they need to learn in this lifetime to become self-actualized, maybe they’re struggling to get free, maybe they’re an enlightened being who’s come to stir shit up so we can learn compassion. Life only knows.

But we tend to judge other people’s goals and types of success that we don’t relate to.

Here’s the question to answer in your heart, on your blog or Facebook etc.

What kind of success are you envious of?

Interpret the question anyway you want. Go with the first thing that comes to mind.

By observing our envy, we shine light on our true desires.   

A New Self Makes A New World – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Philip Shepherd, author of “New Self, New World” joins us on the show today.

PhilipShepherd.com clarity

It’s time we ask ourselves, what do we really want? But is that the appropriate question?

If we are simply after the quest to fulfill our needs and desires, what happens to the world we’re burning up in the process?

Can we afford to separate ourselves from ourselves by living in our heads, then further separating ourselves from the life we are connected to, aka other people and the earth that supports us?

What’s at stake when we do not support the life force that’s supporting us? Can we afford to continue burning up the planet as a resource without giving back to it?

What happens if we don’t? Really, what happens if we don’t?

This is NOT about an environmental issue. This is not about some far out talk about what could happen. This is reality. This is a total human consciousness crisis. Somebody’s got to wake up. No. We all have to wake up; wake up a new self so that we can see a new world. Enter Philip Shepherd who’s vision allows for exactly that.

Our BSL Insider:

Learn How to Take Risks More Easily – Caroline Leon

BSL Insider Exclusive: Caroline Leon from “Life Is Limitless” joins us on the show today. Learn how to take risks more easily.

limitless caroline leon

Many of us go through our lives aimlessly, feeling stuck or trapped with no calling or purpose whatsoever. We do what we’re supposed to based on what society has told us: go to school, get a job, buy a mortgage, plunge into debt, raise a family, settle down, etc. We do these things without ever second guessing why we chose to do them in the first place. We look for distractions to take us away from our mediocre lives that we were told would make us happy. Learn how to take risks more easily.

We are told we need this based societal norms and it’s the only way to achieve happiness. We never take the time to find our passions in life because we spend so much of our time trying to get what everyone else has and then accumulate even more things. The results in us feeling limited in what we can do in life and feeling despair or hopelessness.

Today’s show introduces someone who has been there first hand. Someone who fell into the trap that so many of us fall into without even knowing it. Caroline Leon used to follow society’s rules until one day she unlocked the secret of being limitless, and thus changing her life forever. To keep herself limitless, she learned how to keep herself from doing what everyone else was doing that is and was making them miserable. She spills it all out in this candid conversation, hit play below. Learn how to take risks more easily.

Our BSL Insider:

The New Course In Miracles – BSL Insider Podcast

BSL Insider Exclusive: Amy Oscar, author of “Sea Of Miracles” and intuitive consultant joins us on the show today.

amy oscar june quote

Do you believe in miracles?

There was a time where I was a skeptic of any “woo-woo” talk regarding angels, miracles, etc. Most of us aren’t taught to be raised with believing in the unseen and operating from that place. In fact, our conditioning teaches us the exact opposite. Believe only what you can see, be attached to things, go search outside for meaning or for answers, and on…

I remember being in high school driving back from a friend’s musical event at another school one night. It was around 10:30 or 11:00 PM, and the roads on the highway were completely clear. Cruising my car down the third lane of the highway at 80 mph when out of nowhere, as I was passing an on-ramp of an exit coming onto the highway, a man driving his car comes from that far right, on-ramp lane. He cuts me off across three lanes without using his signal, driving 45 mph, and coming from my blind spot almost. I swerved into the fourth lane to my left and was just straightening out the wheels, when my right tires skidded and the car lost control. My car started spinning round and round back across all four lanes then flips, end over end, as I hit the patchy grassy land sloping down onto the side-roads. My car flipped and flipped on what seemed likely to be the end of my life. It bounced on the top of my car and back from the bottom about 7 times with my seatbelt flying off. All the while, I felt suspended in mid-air right in the middle of my car with one arm on the steering wheel and one arm trying to press against the passenger seat.

It felt like something was holding me right there in that middle space of the car, something preventing me from smashing the top of my head everytime my car bounced end over end. To this day, I had always said that “it felt like an angel was holding me in place”, but it wasn’t until today that I actually thought it was an angel.

Maybe, we all have encountered angels in our experiences of life. Who knows? Maybe, someone can help you realize instances where you may have encountered yours. Enter Amy Oscar. She’s an intuitive consultant & a soul caller trainer. Hit the play button below to listen to what is a discussion on The New Course In Miracles in today’s show.

By the way, I barely walked away from that accident, one that the EMT said 98% don’t ever survive, with nothing but a few minor cuts from the shards of glass flying everywhere.

Following Your Dream Like A Ninja – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Izzy from 30 Year Old Ninja joins us on the show today.

Izzy Whats Your Dream

Does anyone even dream anymore? These days it’s so easy to get caught up in all the news about the horrible thing happening over here and that tragedy over there. We are inundated with bad news and bad media. And the topic that ends up running a lot of self-help articles is FEAR.

“How To Handle Your Fear”
“The 7 Steps To Feeling The Fear And Doing It Anyway”
“Fear Is A Good Thing”
“Just Do The Fear”
“Own Your Fear”

Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea to me, to let fear become the theme of my Story. Not really. Dreams, on the other hand, are sexy. Having them feels sexy. Pursuing them makes you sexier of a person. So that leaves with living your dreams as the most sexiest thing you can do. Enter Ninja Izzy. He’s taken his life from one that is comfortable and ordinary to uncomfortable and extraordinary. He did the crazy thing and one day decided to pursue his dream of being a ninja. Literally. There’s something absolutely legitimate about following your dreams and being a ninja. Listen to the show to find out exactly how he did it, what steps he had to take mentally to embrace that path and how it all unfolded. This one is unique.

Our BSL Insider:

Izzy Pre-ninja teacher

A former middle school teacher from Los Angeles who quit his job to pursue an absurd dream… To become a ninja. Back in 2009 I was in the midst of a Masters program, working my way up the leadership pipeline and pretty much had it made as far as resume bullet points go. There was one slight problem…

I hated my job and the direction of my life…