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BSL Insider Exclusive: John Roberts from “The Wounded Warrior Project”  joins us on the show today.

Wounded Warrior Project

There was probably a time in our life when we felt confined and we couldn’t talk to anyone about our greatest issues for fear of what they would think. We covered ourselves up, not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable or open up to others for fear that we may be judged.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people you walk past every single day struggle from a condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Most of these people keep their condition to themselves mainly due to the image society, advertisers, and social media has given it. People fear it could not only turn their friends and loved ones away, it could potentially terminate their career.

Today’s show introduces you to a very gifted military veteran, whom struggled from PTSD himself, John Roberts. After being a part of a helicopter crash, John suffered from third-degree burns, most of which covered his entire body. Not only that, but John also suffered from PTSD following the accident. After suffering in his personal life from PTSD, John got his life back on track by helping other warriors deal with their issues as well, and ultimately joining Wounded Warrior Project. Hit the play button below to listen to the interesting work of WWP and developments regarding mental health & transformation.

Our BSL Insider:

Being Positively Present – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Dani Dipirro from “Positively Present”  joins us on the show today.

Living Happily Ever After Now
BSL is all about living on the “Next and Highest Levels.” How can we innovate in our lives? What’s a game changer option we can do? How can we make our lives Simple|Fun|Easy? It’s questions like these that get us answers like Dani Dipirro. While everybody else is focused on being present, she’s taken it a step further and made a practice of being Positively Present.

What is being Positively Present?

It’s a heightened state of being in the moment geared towards happiness and creation. When you’re already happy and having fun it is precisely the moment you will attract and bring extraordinary people, opportunities, ideas and circumstances into your life. On the flip side, being discontent pushes away everything that is in line with the good stuff we want because we’re a magnet for the exact opposite.

Dani Dipirro is well-versed and studied in being Positively Present. Her insight runs so deep that we found her work overlapped directly with a previous guest of ours, Dr. Edna Foa, who was recognized as TIME’s 100 Most Influential People for 2010. Dani is no doctor, yet she unknowingly made the same discoveries advocated by Dr. Foa’s (PE) Prolonged Exposure Therapy, which focuses on resolving PTSD. Ironically, Positively Present works to focus on the positive opposite of that. Enjoying life right now as is and forever after. Listen in below.

Our BSL Insider:

Someone once said, “If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” Positively Present is that quote come to life online. The site was created by Dani, who after twenty-five years of living with a negative attitude decided to turn her life around and start focusing on the positive.

In 2009, she launched Positively Present, a site focused on living

How To Be A Super High Achiever – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Judd Weiss from “Hustle Bear – The Blog For High Achievers” joins us on the show today.


You know that feeling you get when someone finally says something worthwhile and honest for once, instead of the same contrived bullshit that you’ve probably already heard elsewhere? It’s refreshing, isn’t it? And just how sweet is it, when you know its coming from someone who has actually achieved the ambitious goals that they set out to accomplish? That’s someone I will listen to all day long. That’s someone who you know you can trust. That person right here, right now is Judd Weiss. And we’ve got you covered in this loaded discussion between Judd and Brent on what it takes to be a super high achiever. It’s the truth. Just scroll down and hit the play button already to listen to the word. Or download this podcast and load it up on your iPhone or other mp3 player immediately.

Our BSL Insider:

I’m 29. I’m a hustler. The last steady salary job I had was scooping ice cream at Coldstones at 17; since then I’ve been winging it and hustling, fortunate to learn how to thrive without a steady salary. I had 9 odd jobs when I started college (sold knives (cutco), sold phone service, computer consulting , math tutoring, sold Rolexes, etc.); became a millionaire by 24 at which point I bought a large modern house in Bel Air; got ranked among the top 10 Commercial Real Estate agents in California and the top 20 Commercial Real Estate agents in the World at Remax Commercial for 2005 and 2006; started my own Commercial Brokerage before witnessing the complete total death of Brokerage; prompting me to start new companies in fields I knew nothing about and had no network of contacts (like Parking) and rapidly bring these companies to success. Every business endeavor I’ve devoted myself to I’ve made a success. Mostly because I’m

The Hotseat of Success Series – Episode 2


When you’re transforming your life, it helps to hear from other people who are on the same path and having success. Hearing their stories can inspire you to realize what’s possible, help you push through your resistance and realize that it’ll all be worth it. Today, we have Brody on the “hotseat” to show you yet again that anyone can change their life. This just might be the evidence you need for why you can change your life too!

Chose suffering
Attached to a relationship that went sour
Judged himself
Made excuses
Didn’t know what he had to offer and give of himself

Felt that he should have been more successful by now
Compared himself to others
Thought he always made the wrong decisions

Realizing that everything in life is inherently meaningless
Choosing to be happy instead and deciding to live as he pleased regardless of circumstances

“Doing what I want to do without having to measure myself against everything else.”

“Letting my old self die away and allowing myself to being reborn as a new person.”

Accepting his resistance points
Shifting intention from getting desires met to how he could be of service
Enjoying the process of living the day to day

Being Carefree. It’s an attitude to have in allowing yourself to let go of your resistance and letting go of your attachments to desire. It’s an attitude of detaching yourself from what you used to believe you needed to be happy and instead starting from the place of happiness to begin with. Carefree means letting go of trying to let go even.

This one is jam-packed with so many nuggets of wisdom. You might have to listen to this one a couple of times to let all that sink in. Brody is a true inspiration. How about you? Are you transformed yet? Leave some comments below. Start a discussion, you can inspire others to get involved starting now…

The Hotseat of Success Series – Episode 1


When you’re transforming your life it helps to hear from other people who are on the same path and having success. Hearing their stories can inspire you to realize what’s possible, help you push through your resistance and realize that it’ll all be worth it. I’ve gathered three such individuals that should provide you with a ton of evidence for why you can change your life NOW!

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Miserable kid
Extremely shy
Socially anxious
Made whole life only about finding the perfect woman
Rock bottom

Lack of self-confidence
Not worthy
Couldn’t talk to people (men or women)
Thought he had to be popular on Facebook

“Another thing was my purpose, I was lost, didn’t know what I wanted to do or how to do it. I didn’t have a purpose for my life so I was meandering about, going from thing to thing.”

“I would give but unconsciously I was trying to get.”

Through doing coaching and inner work broke through attachment to giving.
Seeing the bigger picture allowed for him to let go
Realized how good it actually felt to give to someone and not want anything in return,

On giving to give: “It felt amazing.”

Still has almost the same number of Facebook friends AND still made all these high-level connections in his city
Asked charity organizers if they needed any help and was offered to become a social director

“When you’re out there giving, nobody else is just doing it…people just love it and they can’t get enough of it.”

Learned by trial and error, tested the inner work by the outer work

“You have to do the inner and outer work, BOTH, that’s extremely important. The inner work and outer work go hand in hand, no question.”

Accountability and having a coach
Communication with everyone around him, including family, transformed
By focusing on giving and purpose, it cleared up his mind and mental focus
By being vulnerable, he let himself go and let his natural personality shine through

Power of Being Grateful. Taking deep breathes and thinking how grateful “I am for everything that I have”. Realizing your own mortality and respecting the moment you have at present. What’s your legacy going to be? How are you going to choose to live in this moment? How are you going to have an impact on the people’s lives around you? Be thankful for all the opportunities you have to impact other people’s lives.

Not really having a purpose
Focused on getting
Felt there had to be something more in life

Had to have a certain type of car, money, house
Attached to false limits of needing money first
Thought he needed all that to live an extraordinary lifestyle


“After coaching, my life had a purpose which was giving.”

“I had a lot more mental clarity because when you’re giving there’s an infinite amount of that, you can continue to give for the rest of your life.”

“There isn’t anything you have to do outside of giving and then everything will manifest itself from there.”

Realized he could have the dream lifestyle just by giving and being “The Inspirator”

“This was the key for me, knowing that all you needed was you and that you can have anything that you really want then everything else will be presented to you.”

Had no intention of getting anything from giving
Started doing things differently
Doing something small or big, the feeling is the same
Doing the inner work with the outer work enabled him to manifest faster

“You cannot have one without the other. The inner work has to be coupled with the outer work. You have to get feedback to know what you’re manifesting from your inner work. You don’t know what to tweak.”

Through giving to give was able to accept others for who they were and realize more of who he is and his purpose
Until he hosted his first event, didn’t exactly know how to connect with people and connect them together
Throwing the first event forced him to bring everything together
Sees everything as a possibility now

How’s Everything? Be inspiring by asking people this. Give good energy. Give good vibrations to people. If you don’t feel you have anything to give, now you know what you do have to give. Alot of people are walking around with their own problems and challenges, all they need is someone to ask these 2 words so that they can release their own attachments. What can happen as a result of this is amazing.

Saw other people having fun, wished he could
Wanted to go out but was just afraid and didn’t think he knew why
Felt like he needed something else, like there was something he didn’t have


“Man, what wasn’t a limiting belief for me?!”

Needed to look better
Wished he was taller
Wished to be a smooth talker
Thought he didn’t have it
Always giving in order to get

“Limiting beliefs, they all add up…especially when you don’t let it all go and it just makes everything worse.”

Starting enjoying things again
Realized it was all inside him, he already had it
Liberated him to give to give without waiting for something to come his way

“You already have everything, now you’re just sharing your happiness with someone else.”

“What’s more powerful than being in a position where you’re allowing yourself to be carefree about receiving?”

Stopped thinking, breathed and let his thoughts go in the moment
Visualizing what he could do over and over

“When I can help enrich so many other people’s lives, I don’t want to limit myself…or take away from the potential of an interaction with someone because I’m only focusing on dating.”

“Having the chance to go out and give whenever possible is a lot more powerful than dating by itself.”

Giving and inspiring people made such strong impressions on people that he didn’t have to go out to the same places often
Enjoying liberates you
Sees unlimited possibilities

Feeling The Inner Work Exercise. Option 1 – find somewhere quiet where you can close your eyes and visualize. Option 2 – better yet get in front of a mirror, spring up onto your feet and start saying positive things about who you are and what your life looks like with as much energy and passion as you can. 2-5 minutes. Do it often and you will feel great all the time. The energy you project will transform you and all the people you come into contact with will feel it. As a bonus, do it before you go out. Feel the energy of the inner work.

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How about that? Are you transformed yet? Leave some comments below. Start a discussion, you can inspire others to get involved starting now…