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Brent Smith & the BSL team are experts in helping men and women create extraordinary changes in their lives based on our proven processes and thousands of successful clients. We are experts in understanding what people do and why they do it. We’ve had more interactions with people than any other coaches out there — more than million over the past decade. So the advice we provide clients isn’t just based on research or our own theories. It is based on applying concepts, research and information across all our interactions, and gaining insights into what works best, and what isn’t working. We then build specialized, high-impact coaching programs to create massive breakthroughs (and in as little as one session).

We understand the pain, suffering, desperation, feeling of hopelessness that people feel in their lives, and we are here to help you move beyond that to live the life you deserve, love, and get excited and feel passionate about today.

We also see that people fall into the same old ruts and patterns, and no matter what they try they get the same results and fail to progress in their lives. People work with us and join our community because we know how to change behaviors and patterns with a process that is simple, quick and easy, and also work on many different areas in your life at once. We are straightforward, direct, honest, clear, compassionate, and also realize this can be a fun process.

Which Areas Do We Focus On?

We help men and women in many different areas in their life, along with specific challenges, that include:

  • Body image
  • Building powerful networks (business, social, charity, etc.)
  • Communication
  • Confidence issues
  • Conflicts
  • Changing patterns and thought processes
  • Creating new and successful habits
  • Creating success in their career
  • Creating success with charities and nonprofits
  • Creating successful social life
  • Dating/Relationships
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Finding their purpose/vision and passions
  • Forgiveness
  • Healthy living and wellness (exercise, eating, etc.)
  • Family difficulties
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Lifestyle challenges
  • Marriage
  • Money and wealth
  • Perfectionism
  • Productivity (personal and professional life)
  • Resolving painful issues (and attachments) from the past
  • Self-development
  • Sex
  • Shame
  • Social anxiety
  • Starting a business

What is Our Process?

During the first session we develop a proactive, comprehensive, personalized and specialized action plan to help you create an extraordinary life and move past your current challenges that are holding you back. We incorporate fast-acting, highest-impact concepts and actions to help you transform you life now. We keep you accountable and moving forward so you can create breakthroughs and move forward in your life. Our goal is to move you past where you are today, and create an extraordinary as fast as possible. We also have other groups and mastermind programs that can help accelerate your growth.

Meet Your Coach

Brent Smith

Brent SmithBrent Smith is a life coach, author & speaker whose expertise includes self-development, lifestyle and transformation. He created the groundbreaking “Transformation Equation” along with +30 programs in the field. Brent has worked with thousands of clients over the years ranging from politicians to celebrities to entrepreneurs, in the art of designing a lifestyle that naturally attracts the best that life has to offer and believes in the transformative approach to improving your life. Brent has field-tested social experiments spanning over 25 years in the worldwide social scene, hosting thousands of parties and events, having had thousands of social interactions with people all over the world. The advice is published in his best-selling book Jump Start Your Social Life which teaches you how to build an amazing social life in 30 days or less. He delivers his real-life experiences to you in the no-nonsense, direct style that he’s known for on his YouTube Channel of over 500 videos with almost 2 million views and +40,000 subscribers.

Testimonials From Coaching Clients

“Talking with Brent over the phone has made a HUGE difference in the way I view women and dating; it has completely revamped my entire paradigm. In just one phone conversation, I could literally FEEL all my neural networks being  totally rewired… when I got off the phone, I came out of a deep trance feeling like I had just gone through a POWERFUL hypnosis  session! I immediately started to see things I had never seen before with women, which of course started making major differences in my confidence and skill. Seriously, if you do only ONE thing to improve your dating life – as David DeAngelo says – start meeting and talking to guys who are “naturals” with women. Brent is one of the best “naturals” out there, and it  was obvious to me how truly committed he is to helping other guys get to his level.”

— E.F., 29, Texas

“Considering I have only had five phone consultations and one night out with him – the change has been incredible! One thing I have heard from many of the most successful people is to find the best and learn from them. Without question, Brent is one of the best, if not the best. My life has completely changed from working with him. Working with Brent live and over the phone has been amazing. Beyond being able to speak with someone at his level, what really made the difference for me was Brents ability to convey his message in a way that motivated and inspired me. He took a genuine interest in my situation and really wanted to help me become successful. The skills I have learned have skyrocketed my success in every other area of my life. My inner self has changed to be the man I have always wanted to be, and now the world is reacting to me like I AM that man.  It is amazing, considering I have only had five phone consultations and one night out with him- the change has been incredible!”

— I.B., 18, Denver, Colorado

“Trying to describe my coaching experience with Brent and what I got from it is like trying to describe the color red to a person who has been blind since birth!”

— Jason S., 33, Fresno, California

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Take your life to the next level no matter where you live in the world and get the expertise to have whatever you want in life NOW. I look forward to talking to you soon.


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