Who Do You Think You Are? – Brent Smith

Who do you think you are?  It’s a great question, and the answer defines how you’re currently living your life.  Watch this video to see what I mean.

How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs – Brent Smith

You will always gather evidence to support whatever your current beliefs are so make sure what you believe is allowing you to live the best life possible.  In this video I explain the whole process.

How Being Immature Can Make You Ultra Successful – Brent Smith

As an adult you’ve been taught that you need to act grown up and follow all the “rules” that society has created.  You’ve got to be serious, think inside the box and do what everyone else does.  Unfortunately, that rarely leads to being ultra successful. People who live on the next level think different.  In fact, in many ways they’re immature.  Watch this video to see what I mean.

How To Always Have A Great Week – Brent Smith

When you think about how your week is going to be you probably hope it’s going to be great but fear that it might not be so good.  There’s something you can do to ensure that every week in your life is awesome and in this video I tell you what that is.

The Best Way To Learn Life Lessons – Brent Smith

Learning valuable lessons about your life is probably something that you say you want to do but it’s usually easier said than done.  There’s a simple process that you can employ, right now,  that will allow you to effortlessly learn valuable life lessons every day and in this video I explain what that process is.

How To Make Your Story Come True – Brent Smith

If you’ve created a new story for your life and some of things in it aren’t coming true, it’s probably because you’ve overlooked something in the process.  In this video I explain what you might be doing wrong, how to fix it and how to make everything in your story finally come true.


Who Are You Comparing Yourself To? – Brent Smith

Comparing yourself to others is probably one of your favorite things to do.  In fact, it’s probably a habit to compare yourself with friends, family, neighbors, and even celebrities. There’s only one person you should be comparing yourself to and in this video I reveal who that person is.

The Real Reason You’re Not Doing What You Want – Brent Smith

When you’re not doing what you want you usually have a lot of very good reasons why you’re not doing it.   There’s only one reason you’re not doing what you really want and in this video I explain what that reason is.

How To Achieve Your Biggest Goals Faster – Brent Smith

When you think about achieving your biggest goals you probably think that there’s a set process that you have to follow or a certain amount of smaller steps that must be taken in order to finally arrive at your end goal.  However, that’s not always the case and in this video I explain why.

How To Create What’s Never Been Created – Brent Smith

When it comes to creating things or situations that don’t already exist,  innovating or taking anything to the next level,  there’s a process that must be followed and in this video I explain what that is.