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How To Create A New You and A New Life Every Day – Brent Smith

You probably used the time leading up to New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to go over what didn’t work for you last year and then you vowed to change everything once the clock struck Midnight.

As the New Year begins you’ll probably sprint out of the gate with renewed energy and inspiration only to find yourself gasping for breath within three weeks and then you’ll revert back to some of your old habits and the process repeats.

It’s time to change that!

Here’s what I suggest:

Conduct a fun experiment where you have the New Year state of mind every day.  That’s right, every new day is a new opportunity to create a new you and a new life.

Avoid thinking that it only happens once a year and start thinking that it happens once a day.  This one small tweak will allow you to keep sprinting and eventually win the race!

How To Be Happy All The Time – Brent Smith

Do you like being right? Do you want to be happy?  The answer is probably a resounding “yes” to both of those questions.  However, it’s easy to be so attached to being right that you actually push happiness away from you.  Watch this video to see what I mean.


How To Use Boredom To Take Your Life To The NEXT LEVEL – Brent Smith

Being bored can cause you to make all kinds of bad decisions in your life.  Often, when things are going great and you have some downtime you’re tempted to add drama and complication.  In this video I explain how to think about being bored in a new way and how to use it to take your life to the next level.

How To Live Up To Your Full Potential – Brent Smith

Do you want to live up to your full potential?  Of course you do.  So, why aren’t you doing it?  In this video I point out something that you must do right now that will give you full access to what you’re capable of.

How To Get What You Want RIGHT NOW! – Brent Smith

Do you want to get what you want, FASTER?  Of course you do. So, what’s stopping that from happening?  In this video I discuss the reasons and tell you what to do to turn that around and have an avalanche of success! 

How To Be The New, Improved You EVERY Day – Brent Smith

Every new day is a new opportunity to re-invent yourself and have the next level life you’ve always wanted.  But, there are a couple really important things you need to do in order for that to be possible.  In this video I explain the process.

How To Be Excited About Your Life – Brent Smith

It’s easy to wake up in the morning and let negativity and fear take over and then have a bad day.  You often feel that there’s nothing you can do about it, like you’re the unwilling victim of it all.  Wouldn’t you rather be excited about every single day of your life?  Well, you can be if you understand where to begin and in this video I explain it to you.


How To Give Up Attachment and Attract Everything You Want – Brent Smith

When you think about being carefree or giving up your attachment to things it can be sort of confusing because you’ve been told that you need to be obsessed with something in order to attract it to you.  Well, like a lot of things you’ve been told, it’s actually the opposite.  When you give up your attachment you’ll actually become a magnet for everything you want!

How To Be A Man – Brent Smith

When you think about “being a man” or feeling validated as a man your mind probably wanders off in the direction of all the things you “need” in order to feel that way or for others to view you that way.  There’s a much better way to look at it and in this video I explain how you can “be a man” RIGHT NOW!

How To Do Something Better The Next Time You Do It – Brent Smith

When you do something that doesn’t work you think about doing it over and you think about doing it better.  But, sometimes you start thinking maybe you can’t do it over or you don’t take action on that thought and you remain stuck where you are with only the memory of what’s gone wrong.  In this video I explain how to make sure you do it over every time and how to make sure you’re way more successful the next time.