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How to Find the Most Beautiful Women

How to find the most beautiful women? Another question from the dating and relationship advice mailbag on women, dating and finding the perfect woman for dating, relationships and/or marriage:

Hey Brent, I’m a good looking, social, successful guy and I have a lot of hot, thin, smart women I’m currently seeing; but I’m looking for the most beautiful women and the perfect woman on top of that…you know…hotter, thinner, smarter…my standards are pretty high.  Every time I think I’ve found the right woman, I find something that I don’t like about her and then the search continues (although I still keep the others around to date). Am I too picky in my dating?  Does this perfect woman exist? And if so, how do I find the perfect woman?

“My Answer” below 

Get Your Ex-Girlfriend BACK

Here is a question on how to get your ex-girlfriend (or ex-boyfriend) back and I discuss how to do it, and also share a video on the subject.

Hi Brent,

I have this issue: More than a month ago my girlfriend broke-up with me. She told me that something is broken in her and our relationship isn’t working. We’re still in touch. We see each other in school once a week and sometimes go out on the town just to hang out. But she doesn’t feel the way she used to around me and I still want to be with her. So the question is: how do I get my girlfriend back?

Thanks a lot for helping me.

Learn to Use the Sexual Chemistry Between Men and Women — Dr. Larry Young

BSL Insider Exclusive: Dr. Larry Young, author of “The Chemistry Between Us” joins us on the show today. Learn to use the sexual chemistry between men and women.
chemistry between us cover

Remember when you were taught in school about your brain and how it affects your behavior? And before that, how the food you ate affected the way your brain worked and the chemicals it released?

No? Why aren’t we taught these important things?

Consider the fact that love, relationships, attraction and the way we interact with each other is impacted by our biochemistry, or the chemicals our brain uses to operate the body. Imagine the ramifications. How would you make meaning of your interactions with romantic partners if, for example, one particular day your partner wakes up and starts behaving irritably with you? If you knew the issue was something to do with the health of his or her brain, I bet you wouldn’t let it affect you personally.

This is serious business, especially when it concerns the way we make meaning of our world. Learn to use the sexual chemistry between men and women.

Now, this doesn’t mean it applies to every context and every situation, however it does mean that there’s an interplay of a factor which is affecting our relationships that we may not be considering in our interactions with people. Enter Larry Young, PhD. He’s here to clear up your brain right now, hit play below to listen in. Learn to use the sexual chemistry between men and women.

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A New Self Makes A New World – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Philip Shepherd, author of “New Self, New World” joins us on the show today. clarity

It’s time we ask ourselves, what do we really want? But is that the appropriate question?

If we are simply after the quest to fulfill our needs and desires, what happens to the world we’re burning up in the process?

Can we afford to separate ourselves from ourselves by living in our heads, then further separating ourselves from the life we are connected to, aka other people and the earth that supports us?

What’s at stake when we do not support the life force that’s supporting us? Can we afford to continue burning up the planet as a resource without giving back to it?

What happens if we don’t? Really, what happens if we don’t?

This is NOT about an environmental issue. This is not about some far out talk about what could happen. This is reality. This is a total human consciousness crisis. Somebody’s got to wake up. No. We all have to wake up; wake up a new self so that we can see a new world. Enter Philip Shepherd who’s vision allows for exactly that.

Our BSL Insider:

Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor for NBC Today, Shares Money & Career Guidance – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor for NBC Today & bestselling financial author of “Money Rules” joins us on the show today.

Jean Chatzky Making Money Make Sense

Information is plentiful. Wisdom is rare.

The opportunity for us is to shed light only on the things that make the most sense. Sense being what actually works. As far as life is concerned, what’s natural is what works. It’s how you know when something is real, genuine wisdom as opposed to fluffy, filler type of information.

Questions play a big role in our lives via language, communication, sales, business, relationships, and everywhere. The process of questioning offers perspective and awareness otherwise not explored. Questions will make separating yourself from the things that don’t serve you much easier. Here are some questions to consider before even deciding to take in the advice anyone has to share:

- Does this person walk their talk? How are their feet moving?
- What are their values? Are they congruent with their actions?
- How do I feel about this person? Do they resonate with me?

You always want to pay attention to what a person’s actions are communicating rather than their words. A person will always tell you their core values in more ways than one, and if they are being congruent, their actions will reflect those values. The most important point after understanding these two things is whether someone is in line with you and the direction you’re going in. These 3 questions will set up conditions for you to receive only the wisdom that will serve your highest growth. Today’s show brings to you someone who meets all of the above conditions for BSL with flying colors. Enter Jean Chatzky.

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Learn How to Take Risks More Easily – Caroline Leon

BSL Insider Exclusive: Caroline Leon from “Life Is Limitless” joins us on the show today. Learn how to take risks more easily.

limitless caroline leon

Many of us go through our lives aimlessly, feeling stuck or trapped with no calling or purpose whatsoever. We do what we’re supposed to based on what society has told us: go to school, get a job, buy a mortgage, plunge into debt, raise a family, settle down, etc. We do these things without ever second guessing why we chose to do them in the first place. We look for distractions to take us away from our mediocre lives that we were told would make us happy. Learn how to take risks more easily.

We are told we need this based societal norms and it’s the only way to achieve happiness. We never take the time to find our passions in life because we spend so much of our time trying to get what everyone else has and then accumulate even more things. The results in us feeling limited in what we can do in life and feeling despair or hopelessness.

Today’s show introduces someone who has been there first hand. Someone who fell into the trap that so many of us fall into without even knowing it. Caroline Leon used to follow society’s rules until one day she unlocked the secret of being limitless, and thus changing her life forever. To keep herself limitless, she learned how to keep herself from doing what everyone else was doing that is and was making them miserable. She spills it all out in this candid conversation, hit play below. Learn how to take risks more easily.

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Combating Life With The Warrior Within – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: John Roberts from “The Wounded Warrior Project”  joins us on the show today.

Wounded Warrior Project

There was probably a time in our life when we felt confined and we couldn’t talk to anyone about our greatest issues for fear of what they would think. We covered ourselves up, not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable or open up to others for fear that we may be judged.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people you walk past every single day struggle from a condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Most of these people keep their condition to themselves mainly due to the image society, advertisers, and social media has given it. People fear it could not only turn their friends and loved ones away, it could potentially terminate their career.

Today’s show introduces you to a very gifted military veteran, whom struggled from PTSD himself, John Roberts. After being a part of a helicopter crash, John suffered from third-degree burns, most of which covered his entire body. Not only that, but John also suffered from PTSD following the accident. After suffering in his personal life from PTSD, John got his life back on track by helping other warriors deal with their issues as well, and ultimately joining Wounded Warrior Project. Hit the play button below to listen to the interesting work of WWP and developments regarding mental health & transformation.

Our BSL Insider:

Fulfilling Sex: Living Your Full Sexual Potential

BSL LIVE! Presents:

Dr. Celeste Hirschman & Dr. Danielle Harel

How much more vital would your life look (and be) like, if you injected it with your sexuality?

Can you imagine feeling better, healthier, more powerful everyday as a person? Or having a passionate sex life again like you once had?

Celeste and Danielle have made eros, sex and sexuality their playground, personally and professionally. They’ve attracted clients from everywhere to their practices in San Francisco and South Bay. The Somatica Method was created from their partnership together and combined experience in the field. It’s the most unique and revolutionary sex training and methodology in the world.

About Celeste and Danielle:

Celeste Hirschman, M.A. is a Somatica Sex Therapist and Relationship Coach and an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She has made a lifelong study of sexuality, intimacy and relationships both inside and outside of the classroom. She received an MA in Human Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University where she worked as a researcher at the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality.

Choosing To Give: The Power Of Charity – BSL Insider Radio

BSL Insider Exclusive: Jen Marden from “Jen Marden:New York”  joins us on the show today.

Jen Marden Charity Event Consulting

Most of us have at some point or another have faced some very hard times. If we choose to learn from those experiences, we inevitably come to the realization that “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” We have the ability to choose to take responsibility for our lives.

By giving yourself permission to take responsibility, you can empower yourself with simply a choice. One of these choices is to give. Giving is definitely, not the end-all-be-all answer to everything, but it’s one very powerful one. Today’s show brings you one remarkable person, Jen Marden. She is a powerhouse of a giver through her charity event consulting business based in New York. Red carpets, MTV, awards, runways, charity events, etc. is what Jen knows like the back of her hand. Listen in to learn about her behind-the-scenes expertise in throwing and hosting countless events for charity.

Our BSL Insider:

Jen Marden is no stranger to the media, fashion and glamour industries. Marden has brought her spirit to help others with the founding of Jen Marden: NY. With a family background and roots in Hollywood, who better to organize for you press, celebrity and media coverage than a celebrity herself? Before deciding to open her own Manhattan-based business, Jen took to her roots of Hollywood and