The Latest Trend in Men’s Accessories: Beard Jewelry


If it’s not sunglasses or a belt, men’s accessories can sometimes be forgotten. Jewelry is just as much for men as it is for women, and if you need to elevate your style, jewelry is the perfect addition to your sophisticated wardrobe. Bracelets and rings are probably the most common jewelry we see on men today, but neckwear and earrings should be embraced as well. Of course wearing earrings will depend if you have your ears pierced and your personal preference, but if they’re pierced go for it. The great thing about men’s jewelry is that there is more to choose from than just your typical accessories. Designer Gianluca Vacchi created a luxury line of beard jewelry to embellish the longer beard trend on we’ve seen on men in the last few years. Gianluca Vacchi is a trendsetter, and beard jewelry may be the next new thing in men’s style.

beard jewelry

Beard jewelry comes in precious metals only, or with precious stones; so if you want to stand out, choose your best color. This jewelry trend can be worn simply as an embellishment, or to style your facial hair. Tame the beard, if you will. Using it to style your facial hair can help make your beard look cleaner and more sophisticated, with more formal dress. Beard jewelry is perfect for special events. When you need a quick way to polish your look.

If you’re not a jewelry kind of guy, don’t be intimidated by this look; you can pull it off. This trend is about to be huge, and you’ll be the first in the know. Being a trendsetter is an art of sophistication, style, and intelligence. Jewelry on men signifies all three to women. Beard Jewelry will only up your game. This new jewelry trend says that you take pride in your style, are educated among the fashion elite, and you’re a risk-taker.

beard jewelry

Accessorizing with beard jewelry allows you to create a lifestyle more like Gianluca Vacchi. He’s a standout designer and a supremely well-dressed man. He isn’t afraid to set the trends and lives the life of a rock star. Wearing his beard jewelry could transform your confidence. The goal with this jewelry is to make a statement. This piece was not created for a man to fade into the background. This trend is about making strong men even stronger, allowing themselves to embrace femininity in the most masculine way, through facial hair. Take a cue from one of the most confident men in fashion, Gianluca, and you will find the daredevil within.

Gianluca Vacchi may be a designer of the latest trend in men’s jewelry, but you can be the one to carry it through to the streets. Wear it out to lunch, wear it on your boat or wear it to a formal event…wherever you go, you’ll be the center of attention. Embrace your style confidence and be the man you want to be. To learn more about the exciting and luxurious Gianluca Vacchi lifestyle.